DSUSD Goldfish Bowl

DSUSD Goldfish Bowl

The DSUSD Goldfish Bowl affords students and staff the opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas for education to local business people and entrepreneurs. All applications are screened using stated evaluation criteria by members of cabinet. Five teams advance to The BOWL. There are two official BOWLS per academic year; one in the fall (November 27, 2018) and one in the spring (March 26, 2019). Funding amounts, not to exceed $4,000.00 per project, will vary as awarded by the judges (AKA the goldfish).

2018-19 Goldfish Bowl Application

Innovation-Defined as something that is both new (either invention or iteration) and better. How is your project innovative? How could your project significantly improve education? How does your project solve an important issue?

Goldfish Bowl Judges

Spring 2019 Finalists:

Earhart Elementary - K-2 Coding Club
La Quinta High - Digital Journalism
La Quinta Middle - GPS Cane Invention / LQMS STEM program
Palm Desert High - Office Hours
Truman Elementary - Virtual Reality Goggles

Fall 2018 Finalists:

Amistad High - Eagles SOAR
Amistad High - Mindfulness Project
Carreon Elementary - Picture Perfect
Lincoln Elementary - Sphero Project
La Quinta High - ALERTech Learning Indicator

Spring 2018 Finalists:

Adams ECLC - Sensory STEM Playground
Amistad High - Making College Familiar
Ford Elementary - Operation Alternative Recess
Indio High - Fashion Forward
La Quinta High - Soothing Hearts

Fall 2017 Finalists:

Carreon Academy - Emergency Cooler
Carreon Academy - Google Expeditions
Carreon Academy - Virtual Fieldtrip
Ford Elementary - Operation Emotional Intelligence
La Quinta High - Pen Invention

2017-18 Judges
November 2017 Article
March 2018 Article

Goldfish Bowl presentations